Scot and Jill HayesNew York Sash is a family owned and operated home improvement company owned by Scot and Jill Hayes, and has been serving the Utica area since 1989. New York Sash provides Utica homeowners with energy-efficient home improvement products and maintains full sales, marketing, installation, production, finance and service departments. New York Sash consistently provides homeowners in the Utica, NY area with products that not only improve the appearance and value of their home, but saves them energy usage (and energy dollars) as well.


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Window Styles We Offer In Utica, NY:

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Window Contractor Services in Utica, NY:

High Double Hung Windows[/one-half][clear]

Bathroom Design & Remodeling In Utica, NY

Tub to Shower Conversion


Vinyl Siding Styles We Offer In Utica, NY

vinyl siding new york sash


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