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Should you need any help with your New York Sash project, we are here to help. Though often times, your issue is a quick fix you can do yourself! Is your problem listed below?

Why does my window have condensation?

Condensation is actually a sign of a high quality window and is caused by excess humidity inside the home, especially on a cold day. Read more. 

How can I clean my bath or shower?

Check out our approved list of cleaners here.

How can I clean the drain?

Drain cleaner will cause cracks in acrylic that will void your warranty.

The best way to clean your drain is with a mechanical method: push or pull on the clog with a plunger, plumber’s snake or drain auger.

If you must use a drain cleaner, use a funnel to keep it away from the acrylic.

Occasionally, your drain may slow down due to hair, etc.

In the crossbars. You MUST do the following to remove any obstruction:

  • Push down to the closed position.
  • Remove the knob by turning counter-clockwise.
  • Remove the peg and drain plug by turning counter-clockwise.
  • Remove any obstacles from the crossbars.
  • Re-install in reverse order.

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