New York Sash Gives Referral Program is a way to pass along savings to your friends and family and have New York Sash donate to your favorite charity on your behalf!

Fill out the form with your name and the name of your favorite charity. We’ll send you some referral magnets with your name and charity printed on them. Pass them along to your friends and family, and for each in-home demonstration New York Sash completes, $50 will be donated to your charity of choice.

And, your friend or family member will receive 10% off of their next project with New York Sash! If you have any referrals, send us their info and we will contact them for you!

The donation is not tax deductible to the customer. The donation is made on their behalf, but not in their name.

To date we have donated $11,500 to local charities!


Here's some charity suggestions close to our heart: The Ride For Missing Children, YWCA-Mohawk Valley and The Rescue Mission of Utica!


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