Featured Project: Bathroom Remodel in CNY

Referred by one of our past customers, Evelyn VanNederynen came to New York Sash in need a of a full Bath Remodel. She needed her her floors, tub, and toilet ripped out for us to start with a blank canvas. Evelyn was having accessibility issues with her old bath so we helped her decide on a stand up shower with a corner seating & a grab bar for easier access.

How Can I Easily Remodel My Utica, NY Bathroom?

We’ve heard heard it time and time again that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. If you’ve ever lived through a kitchen or bathroom remodel in your Utica, NY home you know why that is: they’re expensive, they’re time consuming and they’re terribly inconvenient. Whether you’re planning to sell, you’ve recently purchased a new home or…