Check out these featured projects from recent customers!

Bathroom shower

Featured Project: The Bath You Deserve

This weeks featured project is a bath replacement we installed for a new customer. Their old bath was outdated and no matter how many times they tried to clean it, it never looked new. Old porous bath tubs & shower walls allow dirt and discoloration to build up over time. With our New York Sash Acrylic Bath Replacement Products, your bath will stay looking new for many years to come. Our customer chose a straight soaker tub in the color alabaster white with match shower walls & accessories. The fixtures were installed in chrome.

Stylish Entry Door

Featured Project: Stylish Entry Door

This week New York Sash installed a stylish Vantage Smooth Entry door in the color snow mist for a customer in Utica. This featured project is unique because of its matching sidelights installed on each side of the door. Sidelights provide that extra bit light in an entrance area that you wouldn’t normally get with just a standard door.

With our custom made Entry doors, you can stylize everything, from the glass pattern, to optional grids, to the door finish! You can truly make it yours to represent your home.

Final Stage of Windows

Featured Project: The Final Stage of Windows

For this weeks featured project, we installed 3 double hung windows in the bay window style for a repeat customer. They have been a repeat customer since 2018 and have 20 windows installed by New York Sash. New York Sash understands that replacing all of the windows in your home is a big project, but the good news is that it can be done in stages! This year, our repeat customer was able to have the last set of windows installed in their home.

rhodes rev

Featured Project: Bay Window in Herkimer, NY

New York Sash replacement windows can adapt to fit the style of your home, no matter how modern or traditional. If you want red sashes with a gray frame, we can do that. If you want simulated divided lights, brick mold casing and crown moulding, we can do that. If you’re unsure, our Design Consultants can work with you to fit the look that’s best for you by sharing photos of other projects we’ve done or showing you ideas in our Idea & Design Center Showroom.

Custom Mulled Window

Featured Project: Custom Mulled Window

This week’s featured project looks back at a window we completed for a customer during our annual Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Window Sale a few years ago. The project consists of a combination double hung – picture – double hung mulled window unit with a half round window at the top. It is enhanced with a contour grid design. Not only is it beautiful focal point for the front of their home, the window is energy efficient as well!