Acrylic Bathliner System Seated Shower Base in Boonville, NY

Have you been thinking about improving the design of your bathroom, but you aren’t sure about where you should start? Then you might want to consider giving New York Sash a call. Most people think of us as window experts, but we’ve also provided people all throughout Boonville, NY with bathroom solutions for years. Our professional staff can help you make your bathroom an oasis of relaxation and beauty by offering you custom design solutions and installations. They can make your old, dingy bathroom become the bathroom of your dreams in a matter of days.

That’s because we offer acrylic bath liners, wall systems and accessories that make remodeling the bathroom in your Boonville, NY home easy. The concept is simple – our highly trained New York Sash technician will install a new tub and wall system over your old bathtub and walls. This is done without disturbing the plumbing, floor or walls. This remodeling option gives you a beautiful, low-cost renovation without all the mess of a traditional remodel.

Let New York Sash help you get the perfect bathroom design for your Boonville, NY home.

Your new bathroom installation is only part of how we can help you with the bathroom design needs of your Boonville, NY home. We’ll work with you on your bathroom project from beginning to end, ensuring that we turn your vision into a reality. We’ll sit down with you, listen to your needs and wants, and consider all of your ideas as we help you build your bath. From your own pictures, sketches and ideas, we’ll strive to ensure that the bathroom we create is exactly what you want.

And, our special system allows us to easily convert your existing bath into a easy access, extra large shower. We simply remove your old tub and install a new shower in your Boonville, NY home that offers full accessibility options like grab bars, walk through inserts, seated shower bases and folding seats. Your new shower design can be completely customized with our acrylic wall systems and accessories.

You don’t have to take our word for how New York Sash can make your bath a welcoming, relaxing space, though – try out our convenient Build a Bath interactive software feature that will allow you to explore the different styles, colors and textures we offer. Once you create the perfect bathroom for your Boonville, NY home, give us a call at [phone_number] and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation with you.