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Reasons for Updating Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most heavily used rooms in your home and the most popular of home improvement projects. Small updates can be made periodically, but if you’re starting to consider a complete bathroom remodel of either your tub/shower area or the entire room, New York Sash can help. Here are some reasons to consider a bath remodel as a homeowner:

Premium Shower System

Premium Shower System in Canyon

This week we installed a premium shower and remodeled an entire bathroom for a customer as our featured project. Our customer had a tub surround in the original space that was old, hard to clean & wasn’t functioning correctly. We needed to tear out most of the area and repair the plumbing before installing our New York Sash Premium Shower Products. We installed a premium canyon shower surround with a standard alabaster base & a curved shower rod/ fixtures in brushed nickel.