Blog Post ‘What do you LOVE about Utica?’

‘What do you LOVE about Utica?’



‘What do you LOVE about Utica?’

We were so excited and proud to be a sponsor of the 2016 Boilermaker Road Race! Congratulations again to all participants – especially Team New York Sash!

We had so much fun at the Health and Wellness Expo and we met some great people who entered our Boilermaker Basket Giveaway. We LOVE having the opportunity to support so many wonderful local events, businesses & organizations and we wanted to know – “What do you LOVE about Utica?”

Some of our favorite responses were:

  • Family history
  • Opportunities
  • Utica Comets & Boilermaker Road Race
  • The feeling of community pride!
  • Diversity
  • Saranac Brewery (Is it Thursday, yet?)
  • The younger people rising up to the challenge of making Utica great again!
  • Everything – I *heart* Utica!


A BIG congratulations to the WINNER of our Boilermaker Basket – Bob Zaloom of Utica, NY!


Thank you to everyone who entered!

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