Shake & Shingle Vinyl Siding in Utica, NY


If you love the traditional look of shake and shingle siding, but are concerned that you won't be able to get that look from a vinyl siding for your Utica, NY home, then maybe it's time to give New York Sash a call. We believe we've taken vinyl siding to a whole new level, offering many gorgeous styles to best suit your Utica, NY home's type and your personal taste.

New York Sash proudly offers Cedar Impressions® shake and shingle vinyl siding, which captures the authentic look of semi-transparent stained cedar by emphasizing rugged features and using light and shadow to highlight subtle variations in color. Inspired by nature, this beautiful line of vinyl siding options was inspired by nature and can transform your Utica, NY home's appearance.

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Cedar Impressions shingles are molded from real cedar shingles and offer natural-looking vinyl cedar shingle siding without the cost and extensive maintenance of wood siding. These shingles will provide the charm and natural beauty of cedar shingles to your Utica, NY home, whether it's whole-house siding or a distinctive accent.

Cedar Impressions® is available in a wide range of colors and six unique styles, including:

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  • Double 6-1/4' Half-Round Shingle
  • Double 9' Staggered Rough-Split Shakes
  • Double 7' Straight Edge Rough-Split Shakes
  • Double 7' Staggered Perfection Shingles
  • Double 7' Straight Edge Perfection Shingles
  • Triple 5' Straight Edge Perfection Shingles
If shake and shingle vinyl siding would be a beautiful addition to your Utica, NY home, then contact New York Sash today. Simply call us at (315) 760-6775, and we will be pleased to help meet your needs. vinyl cedar siding options