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Ride For Missing Children 2017 & Local Book



Ride For Missing Children 2017 & Local Book

As the warm weather rolls in, you may be looking to embark on new adventures with your family! This year Mohawk Valley will host its’ 21st annual Ride For Missing Children on Friday, June 2nd. What better way to spend a day with your family than to go on a bike ride? What began as a small group of bicyclists that wanted to raise awareness for the plight of one missing child has further developed into the largest annual fundraiser for The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. Join us this summer in aiding the cause as we ride for every missing child!

Overall it has always been the mission of riders to:

  • Honor the memory of every missing child.
  • Raise public awareness for missing children and child safety education.
  • Raise money to support the missing children poster distribution and community education to prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation.

As a proud sponsor of The Ride For Missing Children, the New York Sash family has provided riders with a great opportunity to contribute to the fundraiser for this years event. Sandra Reilly’s book, The Sunny Day, Rainy Day Ride in her The Wish Fairy Series is available for purchase at the New York Sash showroom. It tells a story about an 8 year old girl named Hope, her best friend Misty the fairy, and Bubba the bear embarking on a journey to find Maddie, a little girl that has gone missing. Join them as they work hard to grant the wish to bring Maddie home safely!

Stop into the showroom to grab your autographed copy today. Furthermore, we hope to see you and your family this summer at the ride!

To learn further about Sandra Reilly and her The Wish Fairy Series by visiting her website at

To learn further about the Ride For Missing Children, visit the central NY website at

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