Blog Post Newport Customer Loves Replacement Windows from New York Sash

Newport Customer Loves Replacement Windows from New York Sash



Newport Customer Loves Replacement Windows from New York Sash

At New York Sash, our top priority is always the customers we serve. We reflect that in our simple mission. First, we provide homeowners with the information they need to make educated decisions on home improvements. Second, we provide the highest quality products available that go beyond customer expectations. And third, we provide exceptional customer service throughout the entire process, especially after the sale.

Nathan Purinton of Newport, NY called us to replace the windows on his old farmhouse. He and his wife had dealt with a chilly winter. Their old windows allowed cold air and even snow to blow into the home last year. Knowing they didn’t want to endure another winter like that, they called New York Sash to help.

“I was impressed by their presentation, first of all.”

Purinton was first impressed with the presentation. He indicated that we completely explained the products and the process to he and his wife, and that made the decision easy. They ordered six new replacement windows and a new door for their home. Purinton was then told his specially sized replacement windows and door would arrive for installation in six-to-eight weeks. He was pleased when at just about six weeks, we called him to let him know his windows and doors had arrived.

“They came on the day they said they were going to be there.”

Our crew arrived at Purinton’s home and got to work immediately. We completed the job in about five hours, which entailed removal of the old windows and doors, and installing the replacement windows and door. “They did it all by the books – perfect,” Purinton said, adding that since the replacements, there has not been a “single whisper of wind” in the home.

“It’s as good as having a solid wall.”

Purinton noted that since the replacement windows and doors have been installed, the couple has not had to turn on the heat, even on the colder nights in early fall. As a result, he said he would not hesitate to recommend New York Sash to friends and family. “I’m extremely impressed by the quality of the product, and that they come with a lifetime guarantee. Our windows are beautiful.”

Learn how New York Sash can help you get replacement windows, too.

When you work with us, you’ll get replacement windows that offer a lifetime of beauty and comfort. They will be custom ordered to the exact size needed, in the style you want. What’s more, you can count on our windows to match up to stringent industry standards for insulation, structural strength and resistance to the elements.

Additionally, our windows are weather-resistant. We know the weather here in CNY is unpredictable and highly changeable – hot and humid in the summer, snowy, cold and windy in the winter. Our windows are specially designed to withstand the very worst weather!

Are you ready for the replacement windows of your dreams? Count on our expert window installation team to help you find the best, most efficient windows for your home. To learn more about our energy efficient window solutions, simply call us at , and we will be happy to help meet your needs.

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