Blog Post Is Your CNY Bathroom Outdated? Bathroom Remodeling from New York Sash Solves It!




Is Your CNY Bathroom Outdated? Bathroom Remodeling from New York Sash Solves It!

If you’re not happy with the way the bathroom in your CNY home is looking these days, it might be time to consider bathroom remodeling from New York Sash. There are many reasons why people decide to get their bathrooms remodeled. Maybe you’ve purchased a new home and the current bathroom doesn’t quite match the décor you’re going for. Or, maybe the bathroom in your home has seen better days and is due for an update. Perhaps you or a loved one needs a bath that’s more accessible due to health concerns. Whatever your reason or needs, New York Sash can help you.

When you’re considering a bathroom remodeling for your CNY home, you may be worried about a lengthy renovation. It’s true that many times, getting your bathroom remodeled isn’t a simple in-and-out job. But when you choose New York Sash for your bathroom remodeling, we’ll provide you with a custom design solution and installation that will recreate your bathroom into the luxurious bathroom you’ve been dreaming of – in a fraction of the time you’d expect during a traditional remodeling job. How do we do it so fast?

At New York Sash, we believe time is always of the essence, which is why we strive to provide our customers throughout the CNY area with a bathroom remodeling that is completed expertly and completely… and quickly. We offer acrylic bath liners, wall systems and accessories that make remodeling your bathroom as easy as pie! Our highly trained bathroom installer will install a new tub and wall system over your old existing bathtub and walls, all without disturbing your plumbing, floor or walls. What does this mean for you? A low-cost renovation, without all the noise, mess and disturbance that comes with a traditional bathroom remodel.

Is accessibility a concern of yours? If you or your loved one need to remodel the bathroom in your CNY home because of health or mobility concerns, New York Sash can help you get the bath you need, in a matter of days. We believe everyone should be able to bathe comfortably, without worrying about their safety, and we also believe in providing high-quality products and installations. That’s why we’re pleased to offer those who need better bathroom accessibility options to improve their everyday bathroom routine.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion: We can do a complete conversion from a tub to an easy-access, extra-large shower, with full accessibility options including grab bars, walk-thru inserts, seated shower bases and folding seats. Our shower-to-tub conversions are perfect for people who have difficulty getting in and out of a regular tub but don’t need a safety tub.

Safety Tubs: For some, standard bathtubs are difficult to get into, and that can be dangerous, leading to falls and injuries. Our safety tubs offer individuals the ability to maintain a safe lifestyle, and keep their independence. Our tubs have wide opening doors, built-in easy grip bars, non-slip floors, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant seats. Select models offer easy wheelchair accessibility.

Whether you need to remodel the bathroom in your CNY home due to accessibility issues, or if you’re simply interested in making an upgrade, New York Sash is ready to help. You’ll enjoy a convenient, clean bathroom remodeling at a fraction of the cost of replacement, completed and ready to use in just a few day’s time. Our bathroom solution is durable, too – it won’t chip or peel, and is extremely scratch-resistant.

If you’re ready for a new bathroom in your CNY home, count on the professionals at New York Sash to help you get the bathroom of your dreams quickly and affordably. To learn more about our bathroom remodeling solutions, simply call us at , and we will be happy to help meet your needs.

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