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Five Ways to Enhance Your Bathroom Remodeling Experience

Nothing is more exciting that a fresh, new look for your home. Often, the bathroom is the place most in need of a remodel. Fixtures can look stained and dingy over time. That’s because soap scum build-up, mineral deposits and chemicals can cause wear-and-tear over time. And, that can make your home’s bathroom less than the relaxing oasis it should be. One way you can easily update your bathroom’s look is by calling New York Sash to help. We offer bathroom remodeling that takes just a fraction of the time of a traditional remodel, and costs less, too.

One of our highly trained technicians will install a new tub and wall system directly over the existing bathtub and walls. Plumbing, floor and walls are not disturbed. The durable acrylic surface of your new system won’t chip, crack or peel. What’s more, it’s completely colorfast so you won’t have to worry about fading, staining or yellowing. You’ll love the mirror-like high-gloss finish, and the best part – no grout lines to clean!

Once you get your new bathroom remodeling from New York Sash, you probably will want to think of some fun new ways to make your bathroom even more visually appealing to family and guests. Here are five ideas from WiseBread to help you create a space that’s truly unique, affordably.

Get artsy.

Most of the time, people don’t think too much about their bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Some cool, inexpensive art is a great way to improve your bathroom’s look. Many discount stores have some fun pieces in their housewares department. Depending on the mood you’re going for, choose images that reflect how you’d like to represent your space. Pinks, purples and corals can look be enhanced with floral art, cool greens, blues and whites lend themselves to seascapes. Use your imagination, and consider adding your own artwork or photography!

Think about storage.

Over-the-toilet shelving, stacked crates, bookcases, cabinets and more are all ways you can add storage to your new bathroom. If you love vintage looks, antique shops and flea markets often have fun storage finds. Prefer bold, fun colors? Consider visiting your local arts and crafts store and procuring some colorful plastic storage options that will provide a pop of color.

See the light.

Your light fixtures are another easy update. Industrial, contemporary, kitschy or elegant – there are so many options to choose from!

Throw in the towel.

Towels serve the primary function of helping us stay clean and drying us off. They have a tough job, and spend a lot of time being wet, laundered, dry and repeat! So if your towels are mismatched, ratty and showing signs of wear-and-tear, a new set can make your bathroom remodel complete! And gone are the days of boring towels, too. Many different colors, textures and patterns are available now. You’re sure to find the perfect option for your color scheme.


Add some simple accessories to your bathroom to complete the look. Simple items like vases or antique glass bottles can add color and beauty to your room. Small pieces of furniture, like a stool or a chair, help create visual impact and can be practical, too. Just make sure you avoid cluttering shelves and counters with your accessories. One or two well-placed items are all you need to make your space more beautiful.

When you’re ready for a bathroom remodel in your CNY home, count on the professionals at New York Sash. We’ll help you get the bathroom of your dreams quickly and affordably, and give you some great design tips, too. To learn more about our bathroom remodeling solutions, simply call us at , and we will be happy to help meet your needs.

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