Blog Post Drafty Windows are Expensive – Replace the Windows in Your CNY Home and Save!




Drafty Windows are Expensive – Replace the Windows in Your CNY Home and Save!

There are clues that the windows in your CNY home need replacing. Are you picking up on them?

Sometimes, knowing whether or not it’s time for replacement windows in your CNY home is not as easy as the visual cues you might get. Windows that are rotting and falling apart make it easy for the homeowner to realize a replacement is probably in the near future. There are a couple of other visual cues, though, that also indicate you need to consider replacing. If you’ve made other improvements to your home, such as vinyl siding, and the windows no longer match your home’s style, you may want to replace. Are your windows mismatched, or has the glass become drab over the years? That’s another clue you can see first-hand that tells you that your home is probably ready for replacement windows.

But maybe the biggest indicators that you need replacement windows in your CNY home are less obvious than what you can see. Inefficient windows can let in the outside elements – and that can make your home both uncomfortable and inefficient. Old, timeworn windows frequently leak air, and that can result in an increase in your energy bills during the top heating and cooling months. Cold spots from drafts in the winter months will make you turn up the thermostat – and if your windows are leaky, that heated air is going right out the window, costing you money. Same goes for your air conditioner in the summer. Drafty windows will keep letting the hot outdoor air in – making your AC work overtime and running up your energy bills.

Replacement windows for your CNY home, however, will allow you to save on many levels. By choosing to install replacement windows in your home, you’ll enjoy added value, higher energy efficiency and a more beautiful home. Replacement windows will provide greater energy efficiency – helping you save on your utility bills now and in the long run, too. Whether you choose double pane or triple pane, you’ll find that new replacement windows keep your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer – and help keep your utility bills in check year round. What’s more, by replacing your windows you’ll increase the value, making your home not only beautiful, but also an investment in your future.

For your convenience, our high-efficiency windows come in many styles as well. You can choose from:

When you’re ready for replacement windows for your CNY home, New York Sash can help. Count on our expert window installation team to help you find the best, most efficient windows for your home. To learn more about our energy efficient window solutions, simply call us at , and we will be happy to help meet your needs.

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