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Do You Need a Bath Makeover?

Bath Makeover

Bath Makeover Info: There are 5 reasons homeowners remodel their bathrooms and we want to make sure you know if your bathroom applies to any one of them.

Rather you’re having problems with your existing bath or just think it’s time for a change, then you’re not alone!

  1. There is of course the issue of fixing an existing problem, which can be anything from a broken tile to a leaking tub.
  2. Then we have the want of increasing your home’s value which can truly be a bonus!
  3. There is always a want to create your own personal escape
  4. Or maybe you simply wanting a change.
  5. Lastly if you need more storage space- because let’s be honest who couldn’t use a little more space- than an upgrade is exactly what you need.

So for any new homeowners who just have to do updates, as well as current homeowners ,these are all things to keep in mind!

Now you could go out and do it yourself but why not save the hassle and time?

Contact New York Sash today! We want to make it easy for you with our factory trained and certified installers we won’t leave you disappointed. We stand behind our lifetime warranty with every product you get, we want you to be happy the whole way through! (And did I mention if for any reason your house sells, the New York Sash Lifetime warranty can be transferred over to the new owner through the life of the house. This is a great selling point!).

Come in now through November 1st and save 30% on the bathroom of your dreams with our biggest bathroom sale we offer all year!

This is one thing you won’t want to miss and I promise we won’t leave you disappointed! So call or visit us at our showroom today and we can start planning the bathroom of your dreams like the one below!

Bath Makeover


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