Blog Post DIY Window Series: Coat Rack

DIY Window Series: Coat Rack



DIY Window Series: Coat Rack

DIY Coat Rack

How To Recycle Your Old Window Sash

So you’ve had your windows replaced and you’re stuck with old scraps of wood and glass- you don’t have to chuck them! There are tons of ways you can reuse your old windows! Old wooden windows can be fashioned into everyday household items and furniture. Visit our website weekly for new DIY’s on how to recycle your old windows!

This week we will be building a signature coat rack of any size window sash for you and your family to enjoy! If you don’t have any windows lying around you can always visit your local thrift or bargain store or go garage sale hunting.

Before we begin, you may want to prepare the tools and decor for the finishing touches on this project. You will need:

  • A large working space, preferably outdoors because this project requires sealant.
  • A drop cloth to minimize any mess that will be made
  • Your choice of hooks
  • Three saw tooth hangers available at any hardware store
  • 3 mm damage free hanging command strips
  • Three 50lb wall anchors to hang your project
  • Decor for your coat rack available at any craft store

Like with our last DIY project, you may want to use a window that has special meaning. If not, you may also use a throw away sash from any thrift store or garage sale. 

Make sure your vintage piece is able to be hung or displayed.  Check for cracks in the glass or issues with the pane itself. Most often than not, old wooden windows have to be restored. It will need some kind of coating. If you’re not sure whether your window has lead paint you can use any water based polycrylic sealant as coating.

How to Step By Step

Step 1: Once you have your desired window sash, remove/scrape off any loose paint to prepare for the sealant.

 Before you begin to coat the window remove the drop cloth  and discard of the paint chips. Again, reuse the cloth to protect the surrounding area from the water based polycrylic to minimize the mess. If you prefer a smoother finish you may want to use sandpaper to remove the remaining paint.

Step 2: Mix your water based sealant before using.

Brushes: all sizes are fine to use, but make sure to purchase a quality brush. Cheap bristles will cause fall out and create an uneven surface on your finished window. If desired you can use a different color to finish your window. It’s best to use the clear satin finish if you prefer to keep the vintage look. Carefully coat the panes on both sides of your window and let dry for 5-6 hours.

Step 3: Install your hooks. You may want to use new ones as well as old ones, you can even bend old spoons into hooks for a kitchen coat rack! You can find hooks at any hardware section of most stores. Get your drill and hooks ready! Mark your holes with a pen, pre-drill the holes into the wood and screw in the hardware to connect the hooks to the window.

Step 4: Install the 3 saw tooth hangers on the back of the window sash. Furthermore, for additional support take 3mm damage free hanging command strips and place them along the edges of the sash. They prevent the coat rack from falling off your wall when under weight or pressure.

Step 5: Now screw three 50lb anchors into the wall of your choice. These anchors will ensure that your coat does not swing due to the weight of the window sash itself.  To sum it all up, now you can hang your masterpiece!

In addition, there are several different ways to adorn your new coat rack! Overall it all depends on the placement in your home. Here are some ideas!

Now you’ve hung your stylish coat rack so sit back and enjoy the original touch it brings to your home for years to come! For more DIY’s, visit us next week on our website at


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