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Up-cycle your old windows



Up-cycle your old windows

Up-cycling your old items into something new is becoming more and more popular. If you are replacing your windows, you may want to consider keeping a couple of them to make these projects that we found on Pinterest:

window tableWindow Coffee Table
This coffee table was crafted with an old vintage window, some 2X4’s, Plywood and some new or salvaged wooden coffee legs.

Instructions: First measure your window. Now cut your 2x4s to the exact measurements of the window. These 2X4s will become the box that the window rests on. Cut a sheet of plywood to the same size as the base of the 2X4’s. Screw the 2x4s together and then attach the sheet of plywood to the bottom and flip this box over. With the plywood sheet on top, pre-drill holes in each corner and screw in the wooden coffee legs. Now flip the table back onto it’s legs and attach the hinges to the window frame and top of the 2×4 frame.
You now have the table made and it is time to paint it. First, sand down the window frame and wooden box. Line the windowpanes with painter’s tape to make sure you don’t get paint on the glass. Prime the wood and let the primer dry completely. Paint the table and once it has drive you may add a handle on the opposite side of the hinges to make it easier to open.

Windowpane Towel Rack Towel Rack
Here you have a windowpane turned into a towel rack for your bathroom. All you need to make this is an old window, 3 knobs to hang the towels from, a sawtooth hanger and some fabric.

Instructions: First, tape up the windowpanes with painters tape so you don’t get any paint on the glass. Start the painting process by priming the window and then paint it any color you choose and let dry. Next, cut out a piece of cardboard to fit the windowpanes and then wrap fabric around the cardboard. You may choose to just tape the fabric on the cardboard you you can choose to glue it. Place the cardboard in the windowpane and then tape alongside the edges to keep it placed inside the panes. Now, add some knobs on the bottom to hang your towels from. lastly, you can add a sawtooth hanger to the back, just measure for the center and nail it in. Your new towel rack is ready to use!

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