Blog Post CertainTeed Vinyl Siding: Tips on Keeping it Spotless

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding: Tips on Keeping it Spotless



CertainTeed Vinyl Siding: Tips on Keeping it Spotless

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding

Old Cedar shake siding can’t withstand the conditions of our Upstate New York weather. Make the switch to CertainTeed Cedar Impressions vinyl siding for the same look only less maintenance! Here are some tips on how easy it is to maintain vinyl siding: it only takes two simple steps!

Step 1: Beware of Bleach

You want to get the best clean for your vinyl siding, but you’re not sure what to use? Avoid bleach at all costs. Concentrated doses of bleach can often strip away the surface of your siding so use only when absolutely needed and make sure to dilute with water or detergent.

Do not use cleaners containing:

-organic solvents

-liquid grease remover

-nail polish remover

-furniture polish or cleaners

Generally speaking, cleaners such as Simple Green, Nice & Easy, or Armor All can be used to clean dirt, bird droppings, and spider webs.  You can always spot check a cleaner before using it on the rest of your home. Rinse all cleaners with water before they dry. If you’d rather not risk the appearance of your siding, you can mix a simple solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water. Works like a charm!


Step 2: Keep an Eye Out For Dangers

Your vinyl siding can withstand most tear and wear, it can survive natural occurrences such as hail damage, and it also has a great advantage over rot unlike wood siding – this does not mean your siding is indestructible. Keep all flammable substances such as grill oil and coal away from your home; in case of a fire, vinyl is not fire proof. Watch out for rocks in the lawn mower and sharp objects that can scrape or crack the surface. Cover your siding during home improvement projects to reduce damage.

Damaging factors may include:



-Wet Concrete


Our product requires little maintenance over the years and is covered by our warranty for the lifetime of your home! Follow these two steps to enjoy the most out of your vinyl siding!

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